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as an Individual?


Fill in a simple form with general details about the unused electronics you want to dispose of.

We will find the most fitting home for them


Request a WEEE-DO package and send us over your devices.

Make sure the devices are cleaned and well packed.

Everything free of charge


You are in for a treat! Cash-in your unused electronics for money or virtual-tokens

Track & Trace

We assure your given electronics are reused or recycled responsibly.

Have access to up-to-date information about their new purpose and ecological footprint


WEEE-DO exchanges your unused electronic for monetary value

We are looking for the best way to have a long-lasting impact in the world while offering you the greatest experience. We believe that the way of reducing electronic waste is to reveal its value by transferring its worth to your own hands.

WEEE-DO can exchange your electronic waste for money or virtual tokens, thus unlocking the value in once unused and obsolete devices.  

This is where you come in, by giving us the possibility for making a smooth and rewarding value transfer for your unused devices!