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for my Organisation?


Fill in a simple request form with your organisation details, sustainability driven needs and the amount of unused electronics you wish to give a better end-use


Or, bring your employees together for a common cause and run a staff electronic waste collection. It is meaningful to the planet, raises your office’s morale and makes your organisation more circular!


WEEE-DO will arrange all the logistics for electronics collection. We will investigate how to put in action the less carbon logistic alternative


After our processing phase, WEEE-DO produces a report with all the devices information and sustainable end-use given, making use of recycling and reusing systems


Every organisation has its own

sustainability story. What is yours?

We urge organisations to have a beneficial impact by setting the example to their customers. This boosts reusing and recycling ecosystems and prevents the increasing flow of electronic waste to developing countries and landfills.

We are looking for the best way to have a long-lasting impact in the world while offering you the greatest experience. Our ultimate goal is to give the best home possible to unused electronics by fostering local economies, and to reduce environmental and social impact, thus closing the loop of electronic goods.